Problem downloading code to Gen2 Brain

Brand new gen2 kit cannot sync code from PC or Max.
Vex IQ software ide does recognize brain and shows as green but sync always fails with download error.

I would suggest contacting VEX support.

You aren’t the only one having problems connecting to a computer with the new v2 brains; many other people are also having similar issues.

Really ? I’ve not seen any feedback indicating this.

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Here’s a few of the topics I was talking about (in addition to this one):


Mis-information, I won’t re quote them all but here are comments for the 5 linked topics.

  1. customer using wrong programming environment, RobotC, Modkit etc. are not compatible with IQ generation 2.

  2. Code/programming issue, solved in topic.

  3. Build issue we think may be related to Windows 11.

  4. That’s from 2019 and referencing an IQ generation 1 brain, not gen 2.

  5. Again, a generation 1 brain, it was before generation 2 was released.


It would be most helpful to send feedback within VEXcode after the error occurs so we can assist in troubleshooting the issue. The individual screenshot does not provide enough context to see what the issue might be.


Okay sorry, I guess I misinterpreted what the issue was. Thanks for the clarification.

I have already emailed support multiple times with detailed screenshots and also used Feedback button within VEXIQ app to send error log to VEX.

but its quite disappointing that I dont see any reply from vex for last week and cant get the code to sync from PC or MAC to GEN2 brain.

I am a programmer myself just new to the vex platform. please let us know next steps to be able to sync code and I can try and get back if it helps.
this may help other folks who may run into similar issues, also the support guy on call mentioned they do not have enough GEN2 brain to test issues.

Hi, has any solution been found to these problems? We’re trying to download code from the computer (Windows) to the brain, and we never get a green light in the IDE.

Is the Brain being detected in Windows Decice Manager under Ports (COM and LPT)?
If not are there any unknown devices showing in there?

Wow thanks for the quick reply - As the posts were quite old, I wondered how live it was.
I will look tomorrow and check the ports!

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