Problem!! Drive wont stop!!

I immediately gravitated to the Motor Names, left and right, but did notice that they were Identified as tmotorServoStandard, which would be in contradiction to the Issues, the OP had originally mentioned with moving Forwards and not Backwards… So I kept looking down the Code until I located the Channel 1 and 2 inputs… :wink:

One more thing :stuck_out_tongue:

The OP (connor776)'s Arcade code has a subtle yet important difference from the ROBOTC Natural Language code (even with corrections):

ROBOTC Natural Language:

Yes, the ROBOTC code is wonky, but more importantly: connor776’s code tests for the positive condition (if all the joysticks are outside the deadband, then move, else stop), while the ROBOTC code tests for the negative condition (if all the joysticks are inside the deadband, then stop, else move)

The relevant part here, is that the sort of look the same, because they both use &&. Buuuut, upon further inspection, you’ll realize that the codes do two different things. The ROBOTC code works as expected (moving any joystick past any threshold moves the robot)
HOWEVER, the OP’s code will only move the robot if BOTH axises of the stick are outside of the deadband. (I.E. If you move the stick straight to the right, or straight forward, it won’t move) This is because of the && condition, and the && should probably be changed to an ||:
if( abs(vexRT[Ch2])>threshold || abs(vexRT[Ch1])>threshold)

@Simmons 2.0, good catch :slight_smile:

Even more embarrassment for the “super seniors”, seems we can’t see this code for the weeds.

Mea Culpa!!!

Ditto on, @Simmons 2.0, good catch!!

Yes it is… Now that I have thought it through, the 7th or 8th time, the Exclusion Area is a Cross Shape, rather than a Box, Centered around ( 0, 0 )

It really pays to makes some drawings of these things…

And have someone else, “Check your Work”!! :wink: