problem on chaining integrated encoders

When We try to add second encoder, the led is always yellow. My understanding is that the first encoder was terminated by default, thus second encoder is not enabled.

document mentioned to write REG 4D, 4C AND 4B to change the setting to disable the termination of first encoder.

The problem is that we do not find any way to change REG setting, or do we have to?

We just simply set our motor encoder to be i2c_1 and i2c_2 in configuration. That seems not help. LED of second encoder is always steady yellow.

please help


You do not need to change any settings in the IME, the document you have found was for developers who may wish to use the IME’s on other platforms. RobotC will initialize all of the encoders it can find in the chain.

Make sure all cables are plugged in correctly. If you have another encoder and/or cable try swapping to see if the problem is resolved, you can also try changing the order of your encoders to see if one is defective.