Problem reading Quad Encoder, possible Cortex issue Response

I have made a new post because I could not post on your original thread>

We had a problem that sounds very similar to yours. Is the encoder directly driven from your flywheels?

Take a look at this.


We broke a Quad before we found this information. By forcing the encoder to spin faster than 1,133 RPM, it starts reading things wrong and can often break the sensor.
Maybe try gearing out from the wheel to the encoder using a torque ratio. Small chain and sprockets would be perfect for this.

Hope this helps.

Let me know if you are still having issues. (you will almost surely have to replace the quad encoder with a new one if this is the problem.)

You may want to use a the debugging tool and a code that looks like this:
int sensorVar=0;
Task main(){
Just spin the encoder and see what the value of sensorVar is… I don’t know what is wrong with an overheating cortex but an led will sometimes turn yello when the battery or backup battery is low battery or a bad battery

I think many encoders have been sacrificed for science this season for this precise reason, may they rest in peace, or in a junkyard or something. :p.