Problem with 393 motors

The internal of the motor striped. This is the second time this year that it has happen wondering what causes this so I can stop breaking these. HELP

I’d guess this motor is from your drive?

This usually happens when you change directions quickly with a significant amount of momentum int he other direction. This was pretty common last year on flywheels because of rapid shifts in speed with velocity control.

To prevent this drive more calmly and add slew rate code to your drive.

What type of stress is this motor undergoing? When you ask too much of a motor it does not know to stop so it will keep trying to turn even when the opposing force that keeps it from moving is just too great. This can cause the internal gears to shatter or skip and this causes the wearing down of internal gears. It also looks like those are the older internals so I assume these are some older motors that have been through a bit so wear and tear over time is also a possible factor. It is possible that over the previous years this motor has been pushed a little but not enough to break it then and through repeated use it wore down.

This motor was on our lift. I think its because of us trying to push out bot to its limit.

Yes this motor is old i think it has something to do with that part.
Thanks for the feedback

We had this problem on 4 motors last year. The motors were new then and it seemed as if there was a quality control issue with that particular gear in manufacturing. After replacing the gear with one from rebuild kits, we did not have another issue. I think I remember a thread that talked about this in greater detail a while back, but I can’t find it now.

We probably had this problem with 28 motors last year. Flywheels and drives killed motors last year. Vex needs better motors or they need to sell the specific gear that strips separately, buying 5 dollar motor refurb kits for one gear is expensive.