Problem with building files in PROS on a mac


I am not sure what this error is and I cannot upload to the v5 brain. Every time I build the code it sends an error.

Hi there, I think I may have answered your question in an email, but I’ll replicate it here for posterity.

Currently, it seems like there is a problem with the way PROS interacts with GCC 8.3, so in the meantime you’ll want to use the previous version of the toolchain. For more info on this, check out the GitHub issue tracking it

Unfortunately, due to the way Homebrew works on MacOS, using the previous version of the toolchain is a little bit of an involved process. To do so, you’ll want to first uninstall the toolchain using Homebrew, and then follow the instructions on our site for a manual installation (of the toolchain only, and making sure to install the second most recent version), which can be found here

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