Problem with double acting pneumatics...

Hello there,

So about a week ago we tested out the pneumatics on our claw and it worked perfectly. Now all of a sudden it has stopped. When we push the button to activate the pneumatics the claw doesn’t shut or open and the cylinders aren’t even being fired. When you listen closely to the solenoid, you can hear a little click. I haven’t changed the programme since it was working so it can’t be this. When we change the solenoid to the blue switch thing, the pistons work…

We have a competition next week so we really need this working !


When you pump can you see the pressure rising? Or can you hear a leak of air. If you unhook the piston end of the soloniod while powering it does the air rush out? (Just a way to test if it is pressurized)
The clicking sound is the soloniod working so it doesn’t sound like its a code and or wiring issue which leaves the most likely culprit to be air.

Hello there,

Yes when I take away the tube, the air rushes out so it isn’t a leak… I have also tried putting the tube in the different holes of the solenoid yet the same problem is occurring.