Problem with Linear Slides

There may be problem with the linear slides because edges of the larger pieces are rough. The rough edges cause the smaller pieces to get stuck inside the larger pieces. I thought that the edges were supposed to be made smooth during the manufacturing of the linear slides. How can I fix the problem?

Edges? If they are edges, can you sandpaper it off?

If you use a finger to feel the edges, they feel rough. This will cause the inside pieces to get stuck in outside pieces and destroy motor clutches. I destroyed one already. It would be too much work for me to use sandpaper to smooth the edges. The factory should have smoothed the edges after manufacturing them.

You should really be contacting VEXLabs directly. Use the link at the top of the page.

If you are experiencing binding issues, they are most likely not caused by the small manufacturing burrs on the rail edge. We are dealing with friction slide-rails, (plated steel on plated steel), so you need to minimize friction wherever possible; but to a certain extent, this binding is unavoidable.

Try to keep the rails alligned, and as unloaded as possible (this is especially important, if you are using multiple rails in the same system). The rail should be allowed to “float” as much as possible to prevent binding.

Another good idea is to try to add some grease to help prevent the binding, if the option is available to you.

Hope this helps.

I used a digital caliper to measure both pieces of linear slides and found out that there’s difference of 0.01 inch along six sets of linear slides. I will have to mark the sets so that the pieces can’t be mixed up.