Problem with Micro controller

I just got my vex kit for christmas yesterday and it was working fine, i built some cool robots and then today i was building a new one and when i got done i hooked all of the stuff up. but when i turned it on and went to use it nothing happened and i have been trying to make it work for like an hour. I noticed that instead of just the usual batt power and rx1 status lighting up just the prgm status and batt power are lighting up. im so ticked off cuz gosh this thing was expensive and now nothing works. does anybody know why it wont work

also what does the prgrm status light mean when it is light up

It sounds like we’re having the same problem at our house. Our micro controller is non-responsive and only the “Power” and the “Progam” LEDs are lit. We’ve never seen the Rx1 light come on, even though it’s been properly set up.

Ours was the last unit at Radio Shack. I’m now wondering if it was a customer return that they put back on the shelf.

My son is ready to blow a gasket over this.

We have a “Micro controller issues” thread going on the Technical Discussion BBoard if you want to see more.

Good Luck.

Are either one of you using jumpers or programs?

i was using jumpers but even when i took them out nothing worked

mine was the last one at the radio shack also

If you have the programming kit with it then I would redownload the master code.(look in the help files it’ll show you how to do it) If not then I would try turning it off and letting it sit for a while. Hope that helps.

It seems like I have the same problem. But mine is worse. The only light on is the battery light.

I don’t know what to do