Problem with Programming Cable

We have two different types of programming cables. The one on the left works with no problem. The one on the right only displays an error message of not communicating to the VEX controller. I’m thinking that there must be a setting that we are missing. Can anyone help us with this?


Certain cables can only transmit power (charging cable). You can test this by plugging a phone to one side and to the computer on the other. If your computer doesn’t recognize it, it’s probably a charging cable.

Neither of these are charging cables. They are different versions of the VEX programming cable. Which one works depends on having the proper drivers installed.

I’ve never seen that style of cable on the left, must be really old. The one on the right is the cable that was sold until 2012. These cables had many driver issues, there’s some discussion in this old thread.

On windows 10 I usually have to roll back drivers to whatever ROBOTC has installed, windows tends to update them without asking.

You are correct. The left one came with the original Cortex when it was introduced. It’s the only one we have. We have multiples of the one on the right . They were bought a few years ago. We have been able to use just the one for the past few years, as we have had only one programmer each year for all the teams. This year I have had 3 new students want to do programming, and I want to get computers set up to accomplish their request. I really don’t want to buy a new ‘old’ cable as the V5 will replace all of them (when ever they decide to show up).
I remember now all the problems of the the prolific serial drivers. That’s why they were in the cabinet.

I was about to say… I haven’t seen the cable on the left since I was in about 9th or 10th grade.

yeah, i don’t see the newer one in the pic

My students never really got into the wireless programming so it has just been good ol’ USB cables for us.

I found a USB to serial cable, and that worked! Thanks James for refreshing your old thread.