Problem With Servo Motor

Me and some friends recently built a bot and we have a small servo motor on it that doesnt seem to work properly. It will move up and down for the first few times i try it but after that it either gets stuck in the up position or doesnt move at all. i first thought it was a battery problem but they appear to be fully charged and what not. has anyone else had any problems with their servo motors not working all the time?


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i have a relatively new kit and the servo motor just started not working properly. The batteries are full, and the gears aren’t worn, so it seems like something is faulty. maybe we should be given new ones that work.

I have the same problem, but it doesn’t look like the servo is to blame. I swapped it out with a new servo twice, and got the same results. It seems to be a micro controller issue. Resetting the MC and the RC fixes it, temporarily, then it freezes up again.

I once had a problem with a servo, it kept on twitching. Changing the batteries worked
Try it

I had a problem with a servo when i turned the robot on in would center but i could not control it at all with the transmitter or using the online coding i thing that it could be one of the wires was pulled out the input and ouput one but i haven’t check that yet

This same problem happened to me. The servo moved a few times after turning on the microcontroller, but then stopped responding completely. We replaced the motor and the same problem persisted, so it must be the microcontroller. Didn’t try replacing the battery though.

yeah idk we cant really switch the batteries because theres a competition in like a day but i think we can get it to limp along well enough for it to work, but thanks for the quick responses.ill try the battery thing when i can


Is it a Vex brand servo? And is the servo itself getting stuck or is it the axle getting jammed in somewhere? I know, this is probably not the case, but you should always check.