Problem with skills PDF

When I search for vex starstruck skills, the first result leads to a 404 page.

This is the URL that it should link to:

The only change is swapping out a 4 for a 6.
I there anyone I can contact who could fix this?

Where are you searching? Through the VEX website? Or Google? Unfortunately, if it’s the latter I don’t think there’s anything I’ll be able to do.

When I search vex starstruck skills in google.
The first result is the link to the 404 page.

Oh yeah that reminds me @DRow did you guys get around to making a low impact version of the competition resources yet?

(It seems better but I can’t tell)

@DRow, you can request the removal of a link here . It will (probably) help if you request the removal of the link using the account RECF uses to manage Google Analytics. I’ve requested the removal already, and the webmaster may receive an email about it. Hope I could be helpful

Yes we did. The current file we are using is MUCH smaller than the original.

Now they both link to 404 pages.
Does anyone know where to find the working PDF?

This link should be what you’re looking for:

Note: This link will always work, as it simply serves as a redirect to the most updated version of the PDF. We simply point the link elsewhere when we upload a new version.

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Ok, thank you.