Problem with Vex EDR

The problem with our Vex Cortex and joystick is that it works for 5 seconds and then it stops. Everything is green, the program is good and the connections are good. But the motors move for 5 seconds and then stop. While they stop moving the CPU is still green and connected but nothing works on the robot. Does anyone know why the motors only work for 5 seconds and then stop working? PLEASE HELP!!

Please post your code. Make sure you put it in a code block
like this

Yes we can only help you if you send your code.
What software do you use? Is this a driver control program with an infinite loop?

You may be able to decide what is happening by learning to use the debugger windows in RobotC.

as others have stated, it is most likely a fault in your code.

This happened to my team before, and the problem that time was that the driver code was not placed in the while(true) loop in the competition template. Check for that, or if that is not the problem, try compiling the code again.

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