Problem with Vex Pneumatics

[FONT=“Comic Sans MS”]As anyone else who has used the Vex Pneumatics knows, they don’t come with any documentation to help. Today we finally got to try them out, got 'em set up and everything… but we’re having problems with the programming. I don’t know the exact phrases we used, but it was simple and seemed to work but with one problem… when we pressed channel 5 (The one we were using to control the pneumatics) it with pull the piston back in… meaning the pneumatics would actually start fully extended. Any help?

Variables - Channel5
While (1 == 1)
Get RxInput of Channel 5
SetDigitalOutput 11 to Channel5
SetDigitalOutput 12 to Channel5[/FONT]

I don’t have the Vex Pneumatics (most of us don’t), but I don’t think that you want to assign the output of Channel 5 Input directly to the Digital Outputs.

Start by reading my post Re:How to detect channel 5 using RF transmitter?.

You will most likely want to use a State Variable to indicate whether or not the Pneumatic Cylinder is Extended or Retracted. That State Variable will be set according to the Button Press on Channel 5.