Problem with wireless pairing between VIQ Gen 2 brain and controller

We just took delivery of the new VIQ Gen 2 kits and our kids have a question for the experts on the forum. We can wirelessly pair the controller to the brain, and the signal appears to be fine when the kids are driving immediately afterwards. However, after shutting the brain down and restarting it, it randomly drops the link to the controller and the kids have to wirelessly pair it again. Can we use a usb-c to usb-c cable between the gen 2 controller and gen 2 brain to create a stronger pairing? I have the cable but don’t want to give it a try for fear I could somehow damage the devices and have to wait another 4 months for replacements.
Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

No, that’s not possible.

Pairing is just the exchange of serial numbers between controller and IQ2 brain, each needs to know the serial number for the other.

Any more details you can give ? Have you tried power cycle on both brain and controller ? Is everything updated to latest vexos (1.0.3) ?


Thanks for the reply jpearman.
Yes, the controller and brain are running the latest firmware. The kids did power cycle both the brain and controller, and the link between them was still lost. The only way to link them is to redo the wireless pairing. The problem repeats itself randomly after they shut down and restart the brain and controller. On a positive note, once the pairing is made, it remains paired while the kids drive. However, after driving, if they shut down the brain and controller the pairing “might” be lost when they restart. I’m going to open another one of the new kits tomorrow, and try pairing a different controller to the brain to see if it holds the link better.

Also, the kids had another question about the gen 2 controller. You can hold the power button on the old gen 1 controller to shut down the brain. This doesn’t seem to work with the new gen 2 controller. Is there any way to use the gen 2 controller to wirelessly shut down the gen 2 brain?

I uploaded a picture of the location of the brain under the catapult. I also uploaded their drive code.1705A drive control V7.iqblocks (34.8 KB)

thanks for your help.

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It should work exactly the same. There are some conditions that will stop the brain from turning off, a user program running, USB connected and a few others.

Not something we have seen before, I’ll check to see if support has had any other similar reports next week.


OK, I opened another new gen 2 kit and updated the firmware on both the controller and brain. I then paired the controller to the brain and tested the link by power cycling the brain and controller back and forth and the brain only had trouble 1x linking to the controller. At that time, I power cycled just the controller, and presto, the brain linked :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Tomorrow, I’m going to go to the robot workshop and try to link this gen 2 controller to the brain that the kids were using. Fingers crossed that it pairs, and holds the link after cycling the power a few times. If it doesn’t work well, then I will factory reset the brain and then update the firmware before trying to pair the controller to it.
I will update tomorrow.
Thanks again.

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ok, just FYI, IQ generation 1 brains and controllers are also cross compatible, that is, you can pair an IQ generation 1 controller with an IQ generation 2 brain and vice-verse. The IQ gen 1 equipment needs the very latest firmware to be able to do that. The gen 1 brain has a new pairing system menu option.


IQ 2nd gen, wireless downloading ? Windows

I am not completely sure what your question is.
If it is “Can you download wirelessly to a 2nd Gen Brain from a Windows device?”, the answer is yes, via the controller.

See this STEM Library article:

ok ,thx ! that is cool!

does Robotc support wireless downloading for IQ 2nd generation?

ROBOTC does not support IQ 2nd Generation at all, wireless or otherwise.

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ok,thank u~ hhhhhhhh