First off, I know this probably isn’t an appropriate subject for the vex forums, but i don’t really know where else i can get the input i need. If any vex forum moderators feel this is the case, feel free to ban/lock the thread. Otherwise, here’s my problem…

I (we as team 1031) have qualified to go to Dallas for the world championships. I’ve booked the flights, the hotels, made a plan, and I’m all set. I’m just waiting for late april to come around.

But, it seems that I’m going to be the only one from my school that’s going to be able to go. Some of my friends are trying, but the chances are really slim.
Also, because I am going to be representing will c wood and its about the high school getting it’s team there, theres the issue of liability and, what i like to call, ‘paperwork crap’ that’s going to make it really hard for the school to be ok with me going. ( i’m not really sure if i worded how that works right but i hope you get the general idea)

Also, since the school owns all the equipment and parts, they obviously own the robot i built.

I’m feeling really stuck. I wonder if theres some way to make this all work but no solutions come to mind.

besides the advice i would like on this situation, i have a few questions…
Is there a way that i can go to dallas independently and just ‘represent’ my school or something of that sort? so i can make the school a lot less liable…
Are teams allowed to compete even if they’re not representing a high school but are high school students? maybe a high school club?

As always, thanks in advance for any help/advice

You don’t have to be affiliated with a particular high school to compete – there are teams that are just a bunch of friends who take part. As long as they’re high school age or younger (thanks Blake), aged 18 or under, they qualify.

Our team is going independently of the school, because the affiliated teacher isn’t going. The students were able to get an excused absence, because it’s an educational activity. However, it is not considered a school activity, because the teacher isn’t going. So the students get 3 excused absences, rather than no absences (which would have been the case if the teacher had gone and this were a “school activity.”) They can live with that.

The school assumes no liability for us because we this trip is not considered a school activity – it’s a generic educational activity with no school personnel along. If you travel on an educational trip for robotics, it’s similar to if you had, of your own accord, scheduled a trip to see the President inaugurated, and the school would bear no responsibility.

We have a loose affiliation with our school, but we have maintained some distance regarding “representing” our school. For example, our T-shirts say “Metal Gear Robotics” but not the name of the school. The reason for this is that the school has somewhat rigid regulations regarding shirts that bear its name – they must have the official school insignia/logo of a specified size and location on the shirt, and only official school colors can be used. We have also do fundraising independently of the school. This allows us the freedom to book our own flights and hotels, rather than using the school’s travel agent and has allowed us us to generally get better rates than going through the school.

However, we do represent our school in name. When we go to events, we list the school name, and trophies end up in the school’s trophy cabinet. They provide us with a meeting space for 2-3 hours once a week and a teacher who shares responsibilities with me (parent) during that time.

The robot equipment is a tricky situation, since it officially belongs to the school. If you could borrow it, that would be ideal. However, if not, you might consider buying your own Vex kit and reconstructing your team’s robot, or something similar. The Lab Foundation kit (now Classroom Lab kit) at $699 is probably the best value (variety & versatility of parts). I know it’s a big bite, especially on the heels of travel expenses, but after the season is over you would have a whole robot kit to yourself to play with endlessly over the summer, without 9 teammates breathing down your neck. That’s worth something!

Finally, if you are staying at the Hyatt, feel free to “hang” with our team if you’re alone and feel like company. We might even be on the same flight(s).

To be 110% clear, let’s try rewording this slightly.

“As long as they are no older than High School age (younger than HS age is OK).”

There is no lower limit on team members’ ages.


Wow, thanks a bunch for the insight. now i have a whole new perspective.
Yeah ill be at the hyatt, thanks for the invite :slight_smile:
I’ll be talking with teachers/staff about this, so i guess ill get back to you on how it turns out.

Thanks again,