Probleme with the program

hello i am new in the vex community i have a probleme with my vex iq project, i think thats the probleme is in the programming or code , bc whenever the robot go straight it turns around for no reason i think that i need Pid loop to fix this probleme please can anyone help me with it

I’m sure many of us here would be willing to help you. But we’re probably going to need some more specifics. If you could post the code that you believe to be problematic in this thread, we can help look for errors and make suggestions.

If one of the motors is reversed, it would make it spin instead of going straight

i can’t upload it they say that "new can not add any attachement "

Im using the drivetrain

Our motors are not reversed. We have checked the setup and everything is functioning as it should be. Could there be another issue causing the motor to spin instead of go straight?

We typically take screen shots of the VexCode and post that. It would also be good to post a screenshot of the drivetrain setup under Devices. Finally, Gen 1 or Gen 2 brain?