Problems and solutions for the Revision 9 version of the Hexbug Offroad Truck

I just bought and assembled a hexbug off road truck. When I used the app, the wheels worked, but the steering did not. I live near to the Hexbug factory, so I took it in, and they did a wonderful job of fixing the problem. I had a bad steering sensor.

After they fixed the problem, they told me they had switched the electronics to their latest version, I started with Rev 1, they upgraded the electronics to Rev 9, which is all well and good. But the brain connections look different. Since they look different, I referred to the build instructions in the Vex Pilot app. They do not clearly show how the steering motor and sensor should be connected.

After trying some combinations that did not work, I found the following was the correct connection:

  1. Left Rear Motor
    2, Steering Sensor
    3, Steering Motor
    4, Right Rear Motor

Which is the same way they were connected as shown in the Rev 1 build manual.

They took quite a while to repair my truck. When they brought it back, they told me the first replacement sensor did not work, so they had to try a second.

I have also heard other problems with the Hexbug electronics. I would suggest that if you buy a new kit, you may want to connect up all the electronics before you mount them, to make sure everything works. It is much easier to mount the electronics than it is to unmount them.

Let the buyer be aware!


Congrats on the completion of your Offroad truck!

You’ll want to keep an eye on the sensor, I had a bad one and replaced it. Then I went through two steering sensors before I ripped the motor and brain out and went with the motors/brain/controller from the VEXIQ classroom kits. The motors stay attached and I move the brain around from project to project.

Testing the electronics is always my first step. The steering sensor is DEEEEP inside the truck and it is a super pain to switch out.

If you go with the motor swap, there are some minor changes on the rear end to get the motors in place. On the front steering, it’s a much harder configuration change to get the motor in so the hood part can be placed on top.

Yup. Converting the truck to IQ parts is on my list of things I want to do. I was mainly interested in how the steering worked, so I may pull out those parts and put them in another design. One of my current projects is working on front wheel steering bots.

I like the idea of building a bot, then leaving the motors in it. By the time I have figured out how to get the motors securely mounted, I really don’t want to move them.

It does seem that many folks are having problems with the Hexbug electronics.

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