Problems Creating Account

One of my students has had repeated problems creating an account. He was able to create an account and log in, but a message basically said he could not post until a moderator approved him. The problem came in that the next day he could not log in at all. When he tried to have his username/password information sent to him it said his email was not found. I watched him try this multiple times with no success. He chose the contact an administrator option that appeared during his failed attempts. After more than a week with no response, I tried contacting an administrator on his behalf. It has now been another week without a response.

I am posting here in the hopes that an administrator will see this message and be able to help.

The email address he used was and the username was shockwave323a (and a couple minor variations) if that is helpful in determine the problem.

Thanks in advance for you help.


I can see that shockwave323a is still not a registered user…

I have sent a message to the VexForum administrators about this post. They should help you resolve this issue…

Hang in There!!!

You can have him contact me at


I apologize about this issue, it appears that the mentioned email address was being flagged as spam.
I will create a new account for your student, log-in detail will be sent by private message.

Also I never received an email on this issue, for future problems feel free to PM any of the administrators/moderators.


Everything appears to be working for him now.