Problems downloading to microcontroller

Basically, i tried to do online mode in easyC, and it worked fine. But then i tried to upload some of my own code to make it drivable, and it stopped working right- and whenever i try, it starts moving quite randomly, and the PC tells me to make sure it is on and plugged in. At the bottom, it says that there is no firmware version available.

I need this finished tonight, as none of the team laptops will correctly install easyC.

I have tried downloading the master code, versions 4, 5, and 10, all for easyC.

Please go to Help-About and let me know what version of easyC you are running.

Please Zip up your code and post it.

Some of the motors on the robot may jitter during download. This is electrical noise and can not be prevented.

You should use Master Code version 10.

Problem fixed, it was the microcontroller- unknown to me, apparently that microcontroller has had problems for a long time. Switched out microcontrollers, works great now.