Well…when I turn on my vex robot (sqaurebot), I can hear the 62 gear tooth grinding against the carpet. I believe the carpet is so soft, that it absorbs the wheel weight, lowering the gear. Any ideas? (btw, this is only the starter kit, no add-ons)

 Ok, on the other hand, I want to build a SIMPLE arm that can push and pull the ball, and can come down using a motor (vertically). I can't think of how I can get it to work. I have two 62 tooth gears, and about 6 small tooth gears. I have a bunch of other screws and long metal bars. Please help me and answer asap. 

    Thanks, LostBoy34

ok for clarification there are no 62 tooth gears, but i know what you mean :smiley:

if you compare the size of the gear and the wheel they are almost the same, on carpet since the ground point varies because it’s kind of fluffy, thus the wheel is touching the ground but the gear is also level but the carpet at that point is kind of raised, i guess its kind of hard to explain also if your carpet is “absorbing the wheel” than thiscause that

a solution would be to use larger wheels which would raise the squarebot off the ground, dont worry much though its not a big problem

as for an arm you should search the gallery for arms, if you just have the starter kit it would be near impossible to achieve vertical movement, you need a rack and pinion kind of set up for this (also see gallery)

for a gripper, try taking 3" standoffs on an angle gusset attached to a motor on a 5x15 plate and making a simple gripper

do you just have the squarebot?

Ok, I got my friend to show me how to make an arm. As for the wheels, I’ve tried bigger ones , but they end up hitting each other; making it unable to move. And yes, I have ONLY a starter kit, as I am a starter. My parents are too busy to take me out and I’m saving my money. Ok, onto the arm. I got the bendy metal and made a L-shaped arm, I mantled it, but I don’t exactly know how to program it yet. He said he got help from someone, so he couldn’t excatly tell me how to program the arm. Being more specific, I attached the large gear to the L-shaped arm and used screws to screw it in place. Then I attached it to a motor. What I need HELP on is more of the programming:confused: . Ex:I want to be able to use the transmitter to control the up and down movements. btw, my motor runs horizontally. Thanks for the help and suggestions:D , but any more ideas?

      Thanks, LostBoy34

ok youll need the programming kit to program anything complex but the inventors guide that came with the kit explains how to set the controller, i think you can specify joysticks to a certain motor

do you have a programming kit with easyC, RobotC, or MPLAB?

BTW, welcome to te forum!

for your wheels, if its a simle 36-60-36, then use 2 small wheels and 2 medium sized wheels. that should help grinding.

and does your arm work?

and for your programming, inventor’s guide 411 <— it’s your friend

First of all, thanks!:smiley: And yes, I forgot to mention that I do so happen to have the programming kit. What more about this joystick?

Answer soon, LostBoy34

thanks for the wheel advice.
Technically speaking though, my arm doesn’t work just YET. Once programmed, it should be fine. And I’ve checked the Inventors guide about a million times , but it doesnt explain motors with the transmitter, but thanks for the help.


Ok, soooo I finally got the programming to work, but ONE LAST PROBLEM: stabalizing the arm. The bendy metal always bends to the right (front view). How can I stabalize this without adding too much pressure that the motor wont move the arm?

Answer asap, 


double up on metal, make sure to use delrin bearings or bearing bloks on everything, make sure everything is tight, the metal is meant to be bendy so itès hard to do anything significant

pictures always help;)

Well, the thing is, when I double it up, the motor isn’t strong enough to bring it up. Any ideas how to get the motor to be stronger?

It would be really nice of you could post some pictures here, that would give most of us a really good idea of what you want done and how to fix it properly! :wink:

If your not concerned about speed, you can gear the moter down.

If you don’t know what that means basically you want to take a small gear and put it on the motor and drive a larger gear with it. This will give you more torque, “power”, however you will lose “speed”.