Problems in VW Nothing but Net

Ok so how many of you guys have these same problems?
• Randomly freezes (code stops but time continues)
• Sometimes the robot falls out of the map
• The score differences are a big problem
-For example 123 to 76 inconsistencies are expected but this is too much
• A gyro on the launchbot may help fix some of the inconsistencies
• Possibility of only one person winning not the whole team (probably not true but the rules never clarified that the whole team would get invited to worlds it just said the winner)
• Rules say you can score by lifting in programming skills however there is only one robot on the field for programming skills

Do you guys think there are any solutions to these problems? We have been working on VW for a long time now but these problems are too much and we do not have any answers for them.
-Team 569C

With regards to lifting. The programming skills is supposed to be based on the VRC rules and thus does not allow lifting. If you point me to where it mentions lifting I can try to get it edited.

And about the inconsistencies. That is something a good programmer has to deal with. It is part of real Robotics and real programming skills.

Thank you for the response. However can you confirm that the whole team gets sent to worlds and not just the winner.

I am not sure what you mean by “sent”. From reading this

it looks like the team will receive a world championship qualifying spot from winning the RVW challenge.

This seems like it may be with the processing power or drivers installed on the computer that is being run to program the Virtual Worlds; either that, or the program itself is not using the accurate sensor and movement required for repeated results. In either case, we’ll want you to submit a support ticket to us via to help debug these issues. Typically we won’t provide code support via our ticketing system, but we can take a quick look at it in this case to see if anything stands out.

We’ve omitted a gyro from the launchbot (but have put one on the kickbot) to provide an additional challenge and decision to make for the teams; however, both robots have Integrated Motor Encoders attached, which can be used with the dimensions of the robot (found at the bottom of the Robot Selection section of the Nothing But Net Virtual World) to determine how much the robot has rotated.

I can confirm that the entry for the Worlds competition is for a team, not an individual. You will still need a team number to compete, and will need to have a physical robot built and ready to go if you wish to compete in the competition. The winner will also be responsible for all additional travel expenses (flights, hotel rooms, food, etc).

Correct; this is similar to how the Driver Skills and Programming Skills competitions are run. You will not be able to perform a lift on another robot as there is not another robot model to lift.

This should only occur when a robot is programmed to run over the barriers of the field, which typically does not happen during a competition. If the robot is ‘clipping’ through the terrain/colliders in the Virtual World instead, we will definitely want to troubleshoot that issue as well; but if a runaway robot is running over the sides of the field…you will need to program it to stop before it gets to that point :slight_smile: