Problems running sample program

We just downloaded the update for the firmware to our new VEX Cortex robots. Students have downloaded a sample program, “moving forward”. When trying to run the program from the debugger window, using the “Start” button and having it connected via the USB cable, nothing is happening. We go into the motors & sensors setup and set those to match the sample program. Still nothing. Any ideas?

Thank you!

Is there a battery connected and the robot turned on?

I had this problem. What I had to go do is put in a team number under advanced settings of the robot settings.

Yes, there are batteries and they are turned on.

I will try the team number in the advanced settings.

If anyone else has experienced this, please suggesting solutions. Thank you!

Sounds kinda silly but maybe it’s in Vex Iq mode? Make sure it’s set to the edr cortex. Also, you may need to reflash the firmware.