Problems w/usb driver after latest update

After (re)installing latest version of VEXCode Text we are having big problems controller being recognized by either VEXCode Text and the Firmware Update utility.

IDK if it helps but we also installed the inertial sensor.

Like many, we had issues w/controller/brain ‘talking’ while downloading but this is now unusable!

Updated WIN10

try updateing the firmware

Thanks James - yes, the firmware update wasn’t working either (assumed work through controller) - just plugged directly into brain and it’s working!!

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updated everything and still not working! going to try reboot / uninstall/re-install and pray…

are you trying to update everything through the controoler or through the brain?

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at first the controller - then the brain via usb and everything seemed to update well.

I uninstalled - reboot, re-installed and still same problem - tried several USB cables

Windows gives me the ‘driver loaded’ sound but VEXCode Text does one of two things now:
90% - nothing (controller is greyed out)
10% - controller is orange

If I connect everything before starting VEXCode I do get a orange controller blinks 3x then goes away …despite the controller showing it’s talking w/the brain

is there a way to force the firmware update?

I tried another PC w/VEXCode 1.0.3 - same thing!

Is the controller bad perhaps?

have you tried another controoler?

Yes you can.
In the v5 firmware utility hold shift and v then click on the v5 logo.
You can select force update firmware.

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I don’t have another controller…

If you connect the brain to the computer via usb they should detect each other. Make sure you don’t have the v5 firmware utility, PROS, VCS, VEXcode, or other programming utilities for v5 open at the same time. That causes recognition issues

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I am not seeing the V5 logo - I see a brain & V5 logo in upper left corner of window)

This being said I clicked on everything doing both Shift - V, Shift+V - nothing.

Hold shift and v at the same time, click image
That, and then you should see this option:image

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do you have another USB port on your computer?

tried that as well as another computer…

yes, the computer - brain via USB works fine. The Firmware update doesn’t seem to like the shift-V even ran as admin

So… what doesn’t work?
Are you not able to upload directly to the brain?

when programming via VexCode Tex 1.0.4 (1.0.3) the controller is not recognized .

It was very intermittent w/firmware 1.0.8 but upon updating hasn’t gone ‘green’ once…

on two computers…

Try tethering the controller to the brain via a cable, then letting the brain sit for a few seconds. It could be the controller isn’t on the correct firmware version and it needs an update. You’ll see a message on the brain screen if this is the case.

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