Problems with accelerating flywheel

Hello, this is Parker from team 9364C, I have come to inform the general public about the new spin up winning meta. Have you ever had issues with acceleration with your flywheel. Well we have found the solution, 3 motors on your flywheel. We tested this by competing at the mall of America signature event. We overall have come to the conclusion that 3 motor flywheels are over powered. Will be adding more, thank you


Just wait and see VEXU teams this season. I wouldn’t be surprised to see 4+ motors on flywheels this season.

/s but 9364C op MOA champs on top


Can confirm 3m flywheel is why they won moa after talking with Parker

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good idea, adding an additional motor will provide even greater acceleration


seems op, ill keep this in mind while designing my robot

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Yes, adding an additional 2 Moters gave us an unexpected upper hand over 4082B.

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Of course, only thing is that it keeps you from having a 6 motor drive, unless you do some wacky pto to the flywheel

6m flywheel, 2m drive pto to intake will be meta


Nah, who needs a 2 motor drive? 7 motor flywheel and 1 motor pto to drive

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Like the signature event champ says, 3 motors is best and more are probably better. I’d suggest others do the same

Yeah I agree with the OP my team is considering doing 3-4m but more heavily leaning towards 4 motors.

Yep, 3 motor flywheel is the last season meta


highly considering 3m flywheel with 600 rpm 2.75 drive after watching MOA. I think these two specific components allowed for 9364C and 515R to win and nothing else.


3 motors flywheel bad, 5 motors flywheel OP.

Thanks for the advice! I put 39.4 Flywheel Weights on my robot and was having difficulty accelerating my flywheel to max speed. Your recommendation helped, so I decided to take it further and run a 7 motor flywheel with a 1 motor turret. It works great!


Drivetrains fr overrated just use an 8m flywheel with pto to intake

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Adding a 3 speed transmission for greater acceleration

So YOU’RE the reason the flywheel weights are all out of stock

(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻


3 speed transmission to the flywheel*

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Ofc ofc 500000009 char