Problems With Blue Motor Randomly not Working

Check if it is overheating when it stops working

Thanks for posting pictures - it hurts my head seeing them :frowning:
The issue is that your structure is introducing a lot of friction on the fly wheel as the shaft driving it is not perpendicular to earring supporting it. So, I suspect a lot of friction there. When using blue cartridge you are trading off higher RPM for torque. So, you are likely to have motor overheating or motor unable to get flywheel rotating.

It is a build quality issue - and can be tuned. You may need to add additional structure to square off everything in all dimensions.


Okay, thanks for the feedback! Sorry, this is my first year ever doing robotics (we are team 10863B Middle School, and we are going to Worlds). So take our building skills with a grain of salt :slightly_smiling_face:!

Yes, it usually overheats but not every time.

Any further tips would be great, we have been working so hard, and we desperately need help, any tips would be amazing!!!

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Indeed - would be happy to offer interactive help via google meet with adult representative present. Have them contact your RECF Team Engagement Manager and they will link to ours Dan Troy to assist as match makers.

Forum right now is rightfully constrained about person to person contacts.

Overheating might cause the motor to stop working or appear to not be working.

I don’t know if this is definitely correct, but it’s likely that it’s overheating every time, even when you think it isn’t. Even when you can’t feel a lot of heat on the external casing, the internals could still be very hot. Try checking your motor temperature on your brain as you run it

Yeah I do not think that is the problem because after not being used for like 4 hours we come back and it still does not work.

Triple weights in a geared blue motor? What and how is your thing attached like that. I can’t even build and this hurts me.

Hi, as I have previously stated, this is our first time doing VRC as well as our first time going to Worlds, is there any further advice you could give us or some pictures to maybe help?

Go down to only one or two weights, make them directly touch the flywheel (should cause it to expand slightly as it spins, making it more powerful) and then secure the axel more, preferably with metal and a bearing.

You might want to take what I’m saying with a grain of salt, though, as my teammates try to kill me when I’m building.

Ok thanks, I’m guessing your either a coder or a note-booker!

You could also try a cartridgeless, ungeared motor (3600 RPM, and legal). They’re better for single-motor flywheels.

Had good conversations with team and their advisor regarding flywheel build approach. I do believe they have opportunities to tune their design/build to yield consistent results.

One week to Worlds! Great to have such dedication from a supportive community on VF!