Problems with competition template

Hey can anyone help me? I’m using RobotC’s Vex competition template for this year’s Vex Worlds, but I’m running into a slight problem. I want to make the autonomous time 0 and user controlled mode 60, but I can only start user controlled in debug mode. I get the same problem when I try to mess with the pre-determined times (which the instructions say to do). I need a way, that would be legal at the vex competition, to run the robot in all three competitions… What should I do?


It’s a lot easier to have three different programs to download.

Hmm, I never tried downloading three different versions of the code, does it matter if autonomous is sat to 0sec? I thought the template ends the autonomous task then just starts the usercontrolled task, I’m not sure if it will do anything, but I’ll try it.

When I’m testing a robot in teleop, or if the robot never needs to run auto, I usually add this:

bVexAutonomousMode = false;

When I start working on auto (or, more accurately, the students want to add auto) they take the line out.

Hope this helps.

One way I’ve seen it done is a jumper system - no jumpers means normal code, one jumper says autonomous, and a differently placed jumper means driver control.

I e-mailed RobotC support this question
I wanted to know about your Vex competition template. I am having problems reprogramming it so I can use it for both the Robot Skills Challenge and the Programming Skills Challenge at Vex worlds. The template with autonomous at 20 and user controlled at 120 works fine, though the autonomous starts at 2000ms and ends at 20000ms making the time only 18 seconds of autonomous. When i change the autonomous to 60 and user controlled to 0 it works fine, but when I change the autonomous to 0 and user controlled to 60 the robot doesnt start and stays in its autonomous mode. It seems to not start the user controlled task.
What should I do?

This is their reply, its a little helpful.

This is a known issue and the solution is to set your autonomous task to 1 second and then set your user control section to 60 seconds. The delay from the FMS will give you just about the full run time, but it’ll let the ROBOTC firmware process the switching of the tasks.

In regards to the 20 seconds of autonomous, all of the timing is done on the master firmware of the VEX, so unfortunately this is an issue that every team has.