Problems With Loading the Field Specifications

I’ve been having problems lately with loading the field specs for starstruck. As soon as I scroll past the 4th page, my browser basically crashes. I have to wait 2-3 mins for it to finish loading, and after that, it crashes again if I try to scroll to the next page. I thought it was my internet connection, so I downloaded the pdf but I continue to have this problem even while viewing it locally on my machine. Ok, I thought it was my computer, but I have this problem with every computer in my house, including my phone, ipad, desktop, laptop, and even on all the school computers. It definitely works but this just isn’t normal for simple pdfs. It doesn’t happen with the game manual nor with previous pdfs vex has released. Are any of you experiencing this? Is there any fix or should I try to screenshot every page and view it that way.

We had similar problems yesterday whn we were trying to put our field together. The PDF took forever to load (it didn’t crash our computer, though). I had it on my Android pad and when we moved from one page to another, at first, the page would be blank - it would take quite a few seconds for the page to finally populate.

Overall, it was a frustrating experience!

I had trouble with the file not printing. I suspect the PDF file might need regenerating.

It was very slow scrolling for us too, but at the time I chalked it up to Windows 10 pathetic PDF viewer embedded in “Edge”. (Which is total crap)

Perhaps it wasn’t completely Microsoft’s fault…

Thanks for bringing this up. I’ve notified the engineering team, and will work on getting a new, smaller sized PDF uploaded sometime in the near future.

Awesome. Can’t wait.