Problems with motors going backwards

Okay, I’ve been trying to figure this out. For some reason, my motors work completely fine when they go forwards but not when they go backwards. This does not happen with my wheel motors, but my arm motors. It’s as if they “jump” down very slowly. Please help

Can you give a better description of the mechanism to which your problem motors are connected? For example, is it a gear train or a sproket/chain system, etc?

If you’re powering the arm with more than one motor, are you sure that all motors are always driving the arm in the proper direction when given a command? Any chance you’ve got motors fighting each other, driving at different speeds, etc?

Do they exhibit this behavior if you take them off the lift?

What type of motors are you using, 393 or 269? We had this problem with a 269 motor last year but never with a 393. Also, have you ever changed the gears inside of the motor?

This is most likely a code problem. Post that, and someone will take a look.

EDIT: Apparently, everyone disagree with me. Still, can’t hurt to have someone give if a once over.

I recently had a similar problem and if the motor is in ports 1 & or 10, it is possible that the port is blown. Also the motor controller could be broken.

We found that some of are motors had positive and negative touching and likely caused the port to get burned out.

It could be either the program or the things others have suggested.

I would suggest trying to switch out the motor controllers first. I had a very odd problem a month ago where a motor controller was allowing the motor to spin in one direction, but not the other.

try to take it off and turn it by hand
if it still happens, then the internal motor brushes are damaged and you need to get another motor

Note though, if it’s a 269, sometimes those can be hard to turn by hand just because of the manner in which they’re constructed.