Problems with new account


One of my teammates has attempted to make an account for the forums and he got an email stating

If an admin could activate his account or any other advice I would be very grateful.

His email is
Username is SnipahKitteh
Day of registration: 4/17/2013 - 4/18/2013

Thank you,

I’d also like to request that two other accounts be given posting privileges.

His email is
Username is Markus

His email is
Username is swortmj491

Thanks in advance, Yoder.

I would like to request that “Daniel917” be approved. He’s a friend who apparently has been waiting some time to have his account activated.


Hi All,
I’m sorry for the inconveniences being described. Let me provide some background:
Every single account is manually approved / denied. This is done to try to reduce the amount of SPAM on this forum. Since we’ve implemented this process, SPAM has decreased dramatically.

Accounts created on the weekend will wait for approval until Monday.

As of 5PM yesterday, all accounts were cleared from moderation. By the time we started work this morning, 500 accounts were in the queue for approval. Most (98%) of these were clearly spammers.

Sometimes we “false-positive” identify an account as SPAM. This is unfortunate, and we try to avoid it, but it happens. This happened with some of the ones mentioned in this thread.

I’ve asked our web folks to edit the registration messages to include more information and hopefully make the process less confusing. If you know of someone who is having trouble with their account, please ask them to email and our folks there will fix them up.

This account shows as being created at 10:44p last night, our moderation folks have not gotten to it yet.

Does that seem accurate, or is there a deeper problem?

That’s what Daniel told me. If that’s not correct then I’m quite sorry. He may have given up on his first account or something. Thanks for tending to it either way. -Cody

Sorry, I did in fact give up on the old account I had created months ago for I figured it was discarded, therefore I setup a new one, I apologize if this caused any grief. Thanks to JVN and Eli for restoring the account.

No grief. Thanks for clarifying. Welcome to the forum.


Is the verifying that an account is not spam done by a third party. I ask because I am confused how a vex person would have let a karhik account through a while back.

It’s done by a VEX staff member. There was nothing suspicious about that account at time of registration.

Now that I think about it there are other people named karthik in the world so it would look like someone just using their name instead of impersonating karthik.

Bryson.SBD is awaiting activation. Thanks!