Problems with our DR4B

At our competition, we had a problem with our lift doing this. The bars on the top of the lift are farther apart than the bars on the bottom. Though we know how to fix it, we don’t know how it happens or how to fix it. We feel like it has something to do with the gear alignment, but we’re not quite sure. If you have any suggestions, please let us know.

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  1. Replace as many joints as possible with KEPS joints
  2. For your reversing section, your lift should only contain one axle(the one that contains the motor). Replace all the others that has axles with KEPS joints.
  3. Your lift has almost no support! Triangles are your friend, man :slight_smile:

Check spacing count holes make sure the bars are the same distance apart on either end. like conor said screw joints… also your claw looks a bit sketch might wanna look at that to


if you need any further help you can PM me

you really just have to re-align the gears but either holding the entire thing up and just turning the gears
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do this for both side of course

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Give this a read: DR4B Tutorial by 333A