Problems with platforms

Our robot has this problem where when we try to get on the platforms the bottom of the base hits the platforms and prevents us from getting up. we have narrowed this down to a weight issue because it was working fine before we attached the intake and launcher to our robot. I will try to get pictures and videos up ASAP. Thanks.

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Does the first wheel not get up at all? Or are you high-centering?

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We get on alliance platforms because the wheels get above the ground, but they do not get on the platform.

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does the intake have a piece that sticks out and could get caught?

it does but as far as our tests have gone that is not the problem

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It sounds like you’re relying on your momentum to get onto the platforms. I’d suggest elevating your base by using pillow blocks/small c-channels instead of trying to play around with the weight of your robot.



We have explored that but it might create problems with our intake being too high of the ground, but discussions in our team about this solution are not over

are you using rollers for your intake? If you are you could increase the sprocket size and that would give it more reach.

This is something we will try, but that still leaves the problem of the plate on the back to lift it.

We put a set of small undriven wheels under our chassis to keep the intake from scraping the platform.

we tried this but could not get it to work. how did you mount yours?

We are using two batteries with the expander. Something the girls did to make an impact on how the robot climbs is they moved one of the batteries to a higher location further on the section of the robot that climbs. This way, the extra battery weight helps tip the robot onto the platform. It made a big difference.

Fellow organization member butting in here.

I believe they mounted it just right behind the wheel with an axle. From what I can remember the axle was the same height as the drive wheel axle just with a 2.75" wheel

The robot on the right is ours. it is technically on the platform because it is off the tiles.four%20robots%20parked

since then we have made some changes such as changed to V5

Looks to me like you are bottoming out on the platform. You need to raise your wheel off the ground a bit more.

when we tried that, we mounted it as close to the wheel as we could and it seemed to just act as a wall

We are of the ground, a paper can slide under it without touching the robot

Key words here:

You are not touching the ground, yes, but the main structure of your robot is resting on the platform. When this happens it pulls one set of wheels off the ground and the other set does have enough traction alone to pull/push the robot the rest of the way up.