Problems with power lifting slide

We are having issues lifting the slide past the intake using the motor. It lifts fine manually but does not push the intake during driver control. I increased the motor to maximum power but the lift does not push the intake.

Any suggestions on how this can be fixed programmatically or via design changes quickly.

it sounds like a friction problem
what motor cartrage do you have in the motor
can you send pics?

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Here are pictures of the robot:

image image image

Not sure what you mean about the motor cartridge, we are using the regular V5 motor.

you can change the gearing inside the motor but that’s not your problem
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you are trying to push the lift up instead of out
rotate it your mechanism 90* and it will work
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Your tray geometry is exactly the reason I have added 3rd quadrant option to our TrayCalculator tool. I have tried modeling your setup by guessing from the photo, so here it goes.
Try moving the “Arm Angle” variable to 320 degrees, which seems to be close to your resting position, then observe the dot moving along the chart when trying to lift the try (you can also adjust the geometry variables to better match your actual setup).
In line with @JamesChase suggestion, note how different the torque curve is once your arm is on the other side, like 90-200 deg.