Problems with Protobot App

I just downloaded “Protobot” onto my computer. This computer is definitely not the newest, but I’ve never seen FPS issues like what I am seeing with Protobot. I have ran fusion360 pretty smoothly, so I am wondering if anyone on here can help me troubleshoot. Is it just my computer or is Protobot notoriously slow(like 2-3 FPS)? I’ll go through Protobot’s help section, but I just wondered if anyone has had this sort of problem.

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This seems to be just a device issue…It runs perfectly fine on my devices. (Old-ish laptop and newer pc)
Protobot is definitely smaller than Fusion so it is odd that this is happening.
If it is windows, you can try opening up the task manager and seeing what is using a lot of processing power or RAM and close that application and see if that works. If not, then it seems like Protobot isn’t happy (or your computer isn’t happy with Protobot) and you just won’t be able to use it.
Maybe @DaveG (creator) or somebody else can provide some insight.

Hope this helps.
/- Henry 344E

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There is an option to not render shadows that might improve your situation some.

Thank you guys for the suggestions, I downloaded it onto my coach’s computer and it was super smooth so it’s just my computer letting me down :pensive:.

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