Problems with Syncing and Programming the Robot

In my class, we’ve been working on programming the BaseBot. Recently, we’ve had trouble with programming the robot and that it will not sync to the joystick, making it unable to update to a new program.

To fix this problem, we had to:
-set the robot back to default
-sync the joystick to the controller
-re-download the new program

We had to do this every time we wanted to add a new program, and I do not think this is the right way to fix the problem, because it is so time consuming. The firmware is all up to date and programming is not a problem after we follow those steps, but does anyone know what to do to fix the syncing problem or have any tips that may help? Thank you

Which type of programming environment are you using? Robot C or Easy C (or something else) and which version?

Are you on Vexnet keys but are they 2.0 keys or old black ones or old crystals?

Sample code might help too.

We are using Easy C version 4 and have the black vexnet keys. I’m not sure about the sample code though

Try re-downloading the Firmware for both your joystick and Cortex. The versions of firmware loaded in both must match. Here are the links:

Click this to start downloading newest VEX firmware upgrade utility if you do not have this
// You should have this when you download EasyC V4. Upgrading/redownloading firmware can be done in easy c, in one of the tabs on the far right… I don’t recall exactly as last time I used easy c was half a year ago.

If that is done, do calibrate your joystick. This is usually the hidden thing that causes things to not work.

Also, check out VEX Wiki page for software download.

I suggest getting some white keys. Black keys are notorious for not being able to connect when everything is right and easily disconnecting and screwing people over. I have had enough with black keys, and VEX wouldn’t have released white keys in the middle of a season without serious complains having been made.