Problems with Tournament Manager Web Publishing


Can’t get Tournament Manager to post updates to Twitter. I have confirmed that the username and password entered are correct, but the program will still not post to Twitter.

Does anybody know why?


Twitter recently changed the way that applications like the Tournament Manager connect to their website to post status updates. By doing this, they broke a lot of Twitter apps, including the TM (as well as various iPhone apps, Android apps, etc).

The next TM update will contain the changes to re-enable Twitter functionality, and this release should be out soon. Do you have an event coming up that you were planning to use the Twitter feature? If so, what is the date of that event? We can probably work something out to accommodate you if your event is before the next TM release.



Our next event is on November 6th.
Will the next TM update be before this date?

Yes, it should be available before then.

I’ve downloaded and installed the latest version, but the Twitter feature doesn’t work at school, due to the proxy. For some reason, its pin request to Twitter doesn’t make it through.
Our Network Admin has talked to the local company that does our repairs and modifications, and they indicated that they would require quite specific data about Twitter, such as IP ranges, as well as several days to implement, and a fairly large cost (to solve such a relatively small problem).
Can you think of a workaround, or if not, do you plan to address this problem with a patch, or in the next major update for TM?

Thanks in advance.

The TM uses the computer’s proxy settings from Internet Explorer. In case you normally use another browser like Firefox, start up Internet Explorer and make sure the proxy settings are correct there.

It sounds like this is a limitation imposed by the IT department at your school, in which case it is not a problem with the Tournament Manager so therefore there’s no way we can fix it. I’ll send you a separate PM with an email address that you can send me the log files just to make sure there isn’t something else going on. Assuming that this the case and the school’s network isn’t usable for this, the only other solution I can think of is to use a 3G wireless device for Internet access to bypass the school’s proxy (something like the Verizon Mifi in the U.S. - not sure how common those devices are in NZ though).

Well, scratch that - I guess I can’t send PMs on the board. Anyway, if you start up the TM on the computer that you attempted to use Twitter on, go to File->Save Log Files. Save the resulting file on your computer somewhere and then email a copy of it to and we’ll take a look.

Email sent.