Problems with V5

Our team has been having a lot of problems with V5 lately

6 of our motor ports are already burned out and we still have more burning out.
we haven’t been doing anything bad to cause this we just ran the motors at normal speed and ports burn out for no reason.
our brain’s touchscreen doesn’t work anymore, the right half of it doesn’t respond to touch
the button on the brain usually never responds and we have to unplug the battery entirely to shut it off
the micro usb port on the brain is a piece of junk, it’s terribly made and impossible to plug into

the motors’ “vents” are fake… just look at one, there is no opening they are just indents in the plastic for looks not function.
also, they overheat after every match and slow down extremely.

the controller will randomly disconnect or start flashing red
the battery in the controller is terrible and we always have to have it on a charger because it dies so quick
when we try to run a program, lots of the time the controller will count down like the program is running without actually
running the program, and we can’t shut it off or reset it, so we just have to wait for it to finish counting down…
but today it went extremely glitchy and it jumped up to 99 minutes! after half an hour messing with the brain somehow it stopped,
but then it happened again! what if this happens right before a match! it really frustrates me because I’m our programmer and when
I want to test our new auton, the controller doesn’t even run it

the power buttons on the controller and brain usually doesn’t respond. they’re supposed to shut off the robot, but never work. they are digital,
not mechanical and there is no way to actually disconnect the power from the controller to have it shut off

the vex coding studio has no autosave of any functions like that. abs () doesn’t even exist, it is really slow, and you can only have on tab open at a time.
It’s really frustrating how it saves programs. I wish it just had file, edit, and view instead of the useless drop down for saving, which lags, and I have to press 3 times
before it actually works

sensors like the vision sensor are bad quality and aren’t functional. I tried to get it to work for an entire month then gave up because camera is really bad

the support for programming is terrible. vex released the new studio without any REAL help on programming. For example… the only description I get for “Vision.objects[0].angle” is “the angle of the object”. The angle from what? Is it in degrees or radians?
Also, the shipping for everything is extremely slow… everything is overpriced, and it doesn’t even ship for three months

were up to the highest date on the firmware and we still have all these problems. the only thing I like is the powerful battery and the power of the motor. Is it just us or does everyone else have these problems?

Yep we’ve been having these problems too. The ports burning out only seemed to happen to us when we used custom length wires. But ya, we’ve been having to hold back the power on certain functions just so our motors wouldn’t burn out during a match. And the drive motors burn out pretty quick as well, like after 4 minutes of straight driving. You’re not alone

Use PROS or RMS.

i know its terrible. I tried to program a vision sensor but there is absolutely no help for it so i didn’t get anywhere

Or Notvcs if you like the uhh… Interesting api of vcs but cant stand the IDE.

Is there any fix for this, or a good way to prevent it? We just burned out 3ish ports using a really long custom cable.