Process must be closed with exit code

[error]: make process closed with exit code : 2 I try to download my program to my robot and it tells me this.

All that says is that your code has errors. If you could post your code and possibly screenshot the whole log that would be helpful.

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so i found a solution

What was the solution? We’re having the same problem.

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You may pretend this post was made towards you, because it is pretty much what I would say.:grin::grin::grin:

As I mentioned the exit code just says that you have errors in your code. We need to see your code in order to diagnose the issue.

Idk what that means, of course this thread wasn’t directed to me.

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Thanks. The error sounds like a catch all. These kinds of errors are hard to find because you don’t know where to look!

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look further up in the output window. The compiler will have printed the line numbers with errors, or possibly you will see an error from the linker that references a missing or duplicate function or variable.

“make” is the process that coordinates turning the source code into something the V5 can execute. make is driven by a series of rules contained in a “makefile”, VEXcode usually hides these system files but they can be made vision by checking “show build files” in the preference dialog. Don’t edit them unless you understand how they work. If the compiler, linker or other programs that make may start returns an error, make will exit with the infamous error code that you have seen. You can easily avoid compiler errors by making sure nothing is showing as an error in the problems tab of VEXcode.