Product Development Bribery

I would kiss John on the lips (figuratively, anyway) if we had a chain-and-sprocket solution bigger than the current chain, but smaller than tank treads. That would be coolier than cool.

This kind of promise will not affect the product development cycle in the way you’re hoping.
Cash bribes only, please.

Let the bid on bribes begin! j/k

Maybe it is time for a reprise of the IRI Pig Kissin contest???

Oh… You mean, BlackMail!!

Now let’s not resort to illicit activities. He said he’d take cash bribes, I’ll put up $10. What can I put you guys down for?

(Yes, I know bribing is still illegal but it’s not as illegal as blackmail:))

I could do $10.00 (USD), maybe $15.00 (USD)… :wink: Where do I send it??

It’s not bribery, were simply putting contributions towards it. Think of it more like a donation…

To me, of course.:wink:

Blake beat me too it…

So now we’re bribing the engineers… Count me in!:smiley:

We got a little off topic (my bad) so I split the thread.

No, I won’t really accept any bribes. Sorry.


we just need somebody on the inside eh? anybody have good team contacts with simbotics? karthik we need you!

okay, how about this: a double-wide roller chain similar to the ones used on motor bikes? would that work? Naturally it’s gonna take some different sprockets, but it may work…

i’d rather a bigger gear variety. chains are made to break

Man! forget about the chain! i’m still waiting for my power expander!!! :smiley: As far as i’m concerned i’d be cool with halting production on everything else. :slight_smile: Sorry guys! haha

The power expander won’t help me at all…i just wired two 7.2 volts in parallel, and BAM! I have more capacity!

Nice. Undoubtedly nice.

how about something like this

Tracks that can hinge on multiple axes with a grooved sprocket instead of a toothed one to allow turning like that of the bike in the picture. I guess you could call it a bike… or a snowmobile… or just awesome.

** THAT** has to be Canadian, or Swedish… :wink: