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Sorry if this already in existence and I just haven’t seen it but could a deprecate section be made for suggestions about products.

You may be looking for this page:

Thank you :slight_smile:

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‘deprecate’ is a perfectly good word with its own meaning.

We can start a thread about existing products that are deprecated.
Plastic locking bars are one example, replaced by metal axle-locking bars.
Chassis rails have been mentioned, since many people use C channel instead.
5" wheels have been mentioned, since 4" wheels geared up work better and take less space.
4" omni wheels may eventually go the same way, since ~2.7 double roller omni are now available, and are smaller, less rotating mass, etc.
Steel C channel and Rail has often been replaced by lighter Aluminum.
Original gears have been replaced by High Strength versions.
Original chain/sprockets have often been replaced by HS versions.
PIC has been superseded by Cortex.
NiCd has been superseded by NiMh, along with new battery chargers.
75MHz RC has been superseded by Vexnet.
9.6V battery for transmitter has been superseded by 6-stack of AAA NiMh.
3-wire motors have been superseded by 2-wire 269 and 393 motors,plus #29MC.
Rubber bands have been superseded by Vex Elastic, in some applications.
Black oxide screws have been superseded by Stainless Steel versions.
Wow, list is longer than I realized.

Many people have requested there were something stronger to deprecate axles.

What other Vex products have been considered deprecated, because of a newer one that is better?