Product links please

Posts on the Vex Forum commonly refer to specific products in the online store, but many of the products do not have their own pages. This requires us to use language like “near the bottom of this page, you’ll see the new shoulder screws.”.

I see that you are now adding product anchors to your product pages, which is great! It allows us to write “shoulder screws” instead. However, not all the products have anchors yet, and it is a bit cumbersome to extract the anchors.

It would be helpful if you just added a permalink-style link to every product that doesn’t have its own page. That would make it much easier for us to copy-and-paste the correct link into our posts.


  • Dean

Would the “permalink-style link” look like the “text” of the Anchor (e.g. “276-1408”)??

This would be very helpful… :wink: