Professional Development?

I am a teacher/mentor who is taking his team to Worlds for the first time. In order to get my sub costs covered, I need to get some “professional development” (watching events and coaching doesn’t count). Is there any events that go on related to robotics education? Any meetings, presentations, or forums?

Which programming language is your team using to program the robot? If you are using ROBOTC, there are several resources we have available in order to become better versed in the ROBOTC/VEX Robotics programming, including a Professional Development (teacher certification) course.

You can find more information on the curriculum/professional development courses on the VEX Teacher website, linked below. Alternatively, feel free to ask any questions you might have and I’ll be more than happy to help!

VEX Teacher website:

I think what Lee is asking for is a course or some type of “Professional Development” that will be taking place physically at Worlds, some kind of presentation, etc. that people can physically attend.

I vaguely seem to remember there were forums and such because I recall somebody trying to get me to attend some things, but I couldn’t even begin to imagine where I would find the free time to attend anything. At Worlds, it was all I could do to keep everyone fed and watered.

I only know of the Champions Reception on Friday night for special guests and sponsors after the game unveiling. I’m certainly glad that is one hoop I don’t have to jump through to get my sub covered.