Profile Headers

It is just me, or do profile headers look ugly? It looks like this currently ;

I know it’s not a big deal, but it would be a welcoming change to make profiles look better with the background behind the text like in the user card. Do you think it should be changed? Tell me here!

Thank you!

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This is true, but should you put this under website/forum support?

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Sure (20 characters)

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Well, this forum is based on Discourse so it’s unlikely anyone will be able to do anything. Perhaps, if you’re willing to learn ruby, you could fork the official Discourse repo and make the changes you want, and maybe get Drow to update the forum to your fork?

That seems very unlikely. Leaving the supported and updating mainline to get a single feature change. Now if you wanted to make a PR with an optional feature that’s possible to be integrated into the forum.


Thanks, also yes, this should be fixed, it is annoying.