Profile setting problem

I have seen people have like a little banner below whatever they type on a thread and I know where to type in what you want:
and what is BBc Code?
For instance team 7842 put a picture in theirs:

I have a GIF made for this but when I tried to drag and drop my GIF into the box it just downloads the GIF and does not let me save the GIF as part of my profile.

Thanks for reading hopefully someone can help me.

(I did check for other previous posts about this problem and I did not see any)

Unfortunately, you can’t just drag and drop your gif into the signature box.
You have to turn in into a url and then put it into the bbcode image brackets.


:smiley: Thanks, but how do I change it into a URL?

I forgot to mention something.

Only the top third of the gif will show up when you put it in your signature.
You’ll need to use a separate program to put it there.

I’m sure that there’s a better way that I don’t know about, but this website has a low quality gif converter.
It has been bugging out lately. Does anyone know of a better way?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Actually… if I just put .gif for the file type will it be a gif?

@Vex Dudes 8558B you need to have it be hosted on a website somewhere. Flickr works, or try imgur. Once you’ve got it uploaded there, right click and get the image link. Then past that into your BBCode.

Actually, you’ve already uploaded your image to this thread. And he link is :

So, in your BBCode type {img}{/img}

Replace the curly brackets with brackets of course.

I’m so sorry I was using @SamuelC (7842D)'s gif as an example. what I want to be a gif will be 2 pictures alternating making a gif:

@Vex Dudes 8558B Yes I know but I was just explaining how you would get the gif into your BBCode as that was not explained. As Samuel said, you cannot simply drag and drop your image there. Anyways, here is ur gif:


And this is your BBCode:

Again, as Samuel said, you must edit your photo to fit the appropriate size


@Vex Dudes 8558B Almost there!

So would I resize the pictures or try to download the gif and edit that?

@Vex Dudes 8558B just edit the pictures and put them on the thread again. I think it has to do more with resolution, so it’s not that 1/3 will necessarily be correct. It’s about 1/2 the width and doubly the length in pixles

@phantom64030X and @SamuelC (7842D) Thank you guys so much! :smiley:

Ur new gif
And ur bbcode:

Thank you so much!! :smiley: :slight_smile:

                                                                     click on the picture :D<br>![Thanks.jpg|400x278](upload://8b2YhEP2ViR8io1HNGgRPAi24j3.jpeg)