Progamming with Easy C ?

i have a last year project for mechanical engineering where we are making a mecanum wheels robot using the vex kit…the normal dual control starter bundle has Easy C cd with it while an additional $50 gives me an easy C pro cd
now the easy C pro cd has the option of “Ability to have multiple tasks/subprograms running concurrently.”…now if we dont buy the easy C pro cd and if we program the code in C using Easy C ourselves, will we be able to have that ability in Easy C?

I’m having a really hard time understanding what you are looking for…

Are you asking if you can do multitasking in easyC V2?
To which the answer is no.

You asked about writing C in easyC V2 ?
easyC V2 uses C code, pretty much anything you can do in C should work in easyC. With a few exceptions limited by the compiler.