Program Check - Running User Defined Functions


I am testing out creating functions within Easy C. I created an function that gets values from two ultrasonic values and takes the difference. Then under main, i called the function and printtoscreened all of the variables (USB, USF and D).

I have debugged it to the point that it compiles and downloads the program onto the Vex Microcontroller successfully. The terminal window shows up, but it is blank. Could you guys take a look at my code and let me know if I am doing something wrong?

Also - I have not found any good reference for getting user defined functions so far from my searches. If anyone has a good link or resource, please share. Thanks!

A quick response would be greatly appreciated!

Difference Equation Function (20.8 KB)

Sorry about the delay, I didn’t see your post in my inbox. Your zip file seems currupt, can you reupload it or send it to “support @”?