Program does not load

Programs rarely load. Once I can get a program to load, a program does not load again. No students can load programs.

Hi Lynn,

I’ll have to double check previous emails but if you haven’t already done so, could a send a quick email to support at Modkit and let us know which specific login accounts are having issues. After last weeks issues we implemented a way to see any failures that are happening in real time. We noticed a bunch of load failures from isd535 email addresses. Let us know if these are your students or what accounts we should look for so we can follow up. I suspect what’s happening is students are trying to load projects that failed when we were having issues and that actually failed to save. We cleaned up most of those but I suspect your account(s) did not get cleaned up properly. We’ll get to the bottom of this once we know which accounts to look in.

Thanks. Modkit

Sorry that’s previous emails. For some reason I can’t make edits on mobile.

Hi Lynn,

We’ve followed up by email but also wanted to update you here to let you know we got to the bottom of this issue and all your projects should now load. Thanks so much for reaching out to us and helping to identify this issue.