"Program" for virtual practice/competition - what am I doing wrong - or am I?

New team coach here, trying to get it all figured out. We’ve got our first virtual tournament on Saturday, and I’m trying to make sure that we’re up to speed and ready to go.

We’re a young middle school team, using the current hero bot build, and running the pre-installed “practice” code that came pre-installed on the V5 brain.

Yesterday, I tried to get into the virtual practice system, just to test everything to make sure it’s all working properly. My webcam is working, got system to detect the controller, everything looked good, but never could get a match going - I don’t remember the exact wording, but I got something along the lines of either I was using the wrong program, or no one else was using the program I was using, so I couldn’t get matched up with anyone.

What program? We’re not yet experienced enough to write our own code - that comes next fall, when they finally actually take the PLTW Robotics class. Is the factory-installed code not legal for virtual practice or competition? We competed in person about three weeks ago, and everything went fine, nothing was said to us about anything regarding programs, and so on.

We compete Saturday, and I need to know if I’m going to have issues or not, and if so, how do I fix it, like - right now?


I would just write a program for the robot. Find some example code, and write the 8 lines or so that you’ll need to control the hero bot.

As far as I remember, remote live event should work with the “Drive” or “Clawbot” programs that are pre-installed on the V5 brain. If for some reason the logic has been changed, you could always install my public version of the same code which is linked in this topic. It’s available for all flavors of VEXcode, although the blocks version is a little simpler than the C++ or Python versions.


I will confess my sins - I am still so green at this myself that I’m not sure exactly where in those links and such that I found , that I would find the blocks version of the code that you mentioned. If I might prevail upon you to show me how to get directly to it, I would be eternally grateful. I was trained on RobotC in the one-week PLTW AR training session, then never had the chance to look at it again because of the pandemic. I’ve been learning the blocks by way of using the VR.VEX.com website and curriculum, so I’m generally starting to get comfortable with it, but it’s the ONLY thing I can really work with right now. If you could send me a direct link, or a URL, or even the exact name of a file that I should download to get this, it would really help.

For what it’s worth, as my current crew of students gain a bit more experience (myself, too), we won’t be this helpless - I met with them a couple of days ago, and told them that our goal for next year is to actually design our own robot, and write our own code for it - but none of us are there yet.

Sorry again for being so pathetic at this time, and many, many thanks for your patience and understanding!


usually you would clone or just download the repo as a zip file, then navigate to the VEXcode V5 folder

but I’ll just attach the v5blocks program here for simplicity
as I said, the blocks code is a little simpler and is designed for a clawbot, 4 motor control only.
defaultDrive.v5blocks (54.4 KB)