Program Lagg?

I’ve been working on a while loop that uses line trackers, a limit switch, and an ultrasonic. I used several “if” functions so that the robot does something different if a value changes on one of the sensors. However, with all these sensors working on one loop, I’ve been experience a constant “lagg” or stuttering with the program. The line trackers do not smoothly work. Instead my program will have a half second pause in between the movements caused by the linetrackers. Though it doesn’t seem like much, it’s been enough to cause my program to take 5x as long as my original program that only had my linetrackers to move. Help?
Using EasyC V4

Please send as zip of your program folder to [email protected]. We’ll look at it.

I have tested your program and found that the loop time is 10ms. This is confirmed by the internal timer by timing your main loop and averaging it over 50 loops and then printing the average loop time.