Program Port and Program State LED

What is the pin-out for the PROGRAM port?

**The PROGAM port is a standard DB-9 serial port with RS-232 signal levels, designed to interface with a PC’s serial port and many other devices.

What kind of cable do I need to program my Robot Controller?

**Simply use a standard DB-9 serial cable to connect the PROGRAM port on your RC to your PC’s serial port.

The Robot Controller the PROGRAM STATE light flashes red!

**The Master processor doesn’t like something you wrote in your code. There are several reasons why this might be:

  1. You might have an infinite loop in your code and Putdata is never getting called. You could try simulating your code in MPLAB® to find if your program execution ever gets trapped in an infinite loop.

  2. Your code might be taking longer than 17ms to execute (26ms for the FRC). This means that it is not calling the Putdata function frequently enough.
    You may be printing too much data through the serial port, which blocks execution of other code. This might again keep Putdata from being called frequently enough.

  3. You have illegally configured some of the User processor’s registers. This may occur if you change any of the registers in ifi_picdefs.h which are labeled “Reserved – Do not use".**